Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Creative Answer

When I have extra time in class, I like to give my students a short assignment where they recommend something to me.

Last week we learned about movies and how to talk about them so I asked for the students to recommend movies to me. They had about 10 minutes to write 4 short answers. The recommendation could be a western movie or a Japanese movie but it had to be written in English and it had to be a movie.

All they had to write was... (I wrote these directions on the board)
1) The title of the movie
2) When it came out (or guess if they don't know)
3) The genre
4) Why they recommend it

my favorite two answers were written completely in Japanese but here are the translations of them...

Student 1
1) Avatar
2) I don't know
3) Science Fiction
4) Because the humans turn blue.

Student 2
1) Udon (noodles)
2) Long ago
3) Food
4) Noodles are delicious, next period is lunch and I can only think of food.


Mary Ann said...

Love student 2

athriukira said...

sooo funny! wow, they were hungry? maybe? :)
Sounds so exciting ive read through your blog and it seems so fun in Japan! im going on an exchange there in the fall! dont know where ill be staying yet...but Ill find out sooon. though im no good at the language..T.T ill figure it out, GOOD LUCK with the students :P